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AquaPro RO LC-2 Series
(250 to 1,200 GALLONS PER DAY)
The AquaPro RO® LC-2 system is a precision engineered, rugged water purification system designed by PureH2O, Ltd.® to operate from tap and brackish source water in The Bahamas and Caribbean Islands. This high quality RO system comes with standard electro-mechanical control features for complete monitoring and operation. Standard features include the stainless steel membrane housings, inlet and outlet pre-filter pressure gauges, low-pressure switch with delayed auto restart, permeate pressure switch, adjustable reject recycle, permeate and reject water flow meters, permeate water check valve, inlet solenoid valve, membrane feed water pressure gauge, adjustable reject valve, and membrane auto flush.

Note: Do not operate this RO system with feed water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate UV or Ozone disinfection.

Feed Water Guidelines

pH Range
6 to 9

Hardness (maximum)
Less than 1 grain per gallon if CaCO3 (Softened) or
anti-scale chemical injection if not softened.

Feed Water Pressure (minimum)

35 - 100°F (2 - 38°C)

Free Chlorine (maximum)
None Allowed

Iron (maximum)
Less than .1mg/L

Oil and H2S
None Allowed

Less than 1.0 NTU

Silt Density Index
Less than 5.0 SDI

Maximum 3,000 PPM

For complete technical specifications and operating information please contact PureH2O, Ltd.®
Individual membrane productivity may vary (± 15%). System may be operated on other feed waters with reduced capacity.

Percent rejection is based on membrane manufacturer's specifications; overall system percent rejection may be less.

All PureH2O, Ltd.® Residential and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems are warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of installation. PureH2O, Ltd.® will repair or replace parts which are defective. Normal wear, accident, abuse, misuse, unauthorized alteration or repairs are excluded. PureH2O, Ltd.® will not be responsible for damages resulting from the improper installation or operation of a PureH2O, Ltd.® system by a third party. This limited warranty is effective only for installations completed by a PureH2O, Ltd.® For warranty issues please call 242-327-3541.

AquaPro RO® LC – 2 Series


  • 304 stainless steel wall mounted support frame.
  • 316L stainless steel 300psi high-pressure membrane housings.
  • Pressure gauges for pre-filter inlet/outlet and membrane feed pressure.
  • Low feed water pressure safety switch.
  • Microprocessor based controller with delayed auto restart after low pressure shut down.
  • High-pressure/high-rejection membranes with 95% minimum average rejection.
  • Permeate and reject water flow meters.
  • Adjustable reject and reject recycle valves.
  • Permeate pressure switch and check valve.
  • Automatic inlet solenoid valve.
  • Membrane Auto Flush.
  • Pre-filter Housing nSF/AnSI Certified 42.
  • Pre-filter Cartridge nSF/AnSI Certified 42.
  • Feed water must be pretreated for - Scale prevention (Softened), de-chlorinated (Carbon Filter), and free of sediment.

The AquaPro RO® LC-2 Series RO system should be installed after a PureH2O, Ltd.® water softener so that scale forming calcium and magnesium hardness cannot scale the RO membrane(s). A PureH2O, Ltd.® backwashing carbon filter should be installed on the RO feed water line to remove chlorine and prevent membrane degradation due to chlorine attack.

A PureH2O, Ltd.® backwashing sediment filter should also be installed on the RO feed water line to reduce the silt density index of the water to prevent particulate fouling of the RO membrane(s).

The AquaPro RO® LC-2 system is a high- rejection type unit complete with permeate and reject water flow meters, pre-filter inlet/outlet, and membrane feed water pressure gauges, 316L stainless steel membrane housings, automatic inlet solenoid valve, low feed water pressure switch, permeate water pressure switch, reject and recycle valves, auto flush feature, micro-electronic controller, high-pressure pump, and all other components necessary for proper operation. The system is a wall mount design with an optional leg kit for floor mount installations. The RO permeate water should be collected in a quality atmospheric storage tank or a pressurized bladder tank. A permeate water pressure switch is provided on the RO system for automatic on/ off operation when using a pressurized bladder tank. Electrical requirements are 120 volt 60 hertz. A local drain is required to accept discharge water from the system. The feed water pressure must not fall below 20psi. The feed water temperature must not fall below 35°F or exceed 100°F (2 - 38°C).

The system will produce reverse osmosis quality water with 99 percent minimum average ionic rejection of total dissolved solids when operated within the manufacturer's operational specifications.

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