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(200 TO 50,000+ GALLONS PER DAY)
The highest performance Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) systems for homes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, office buildings, apartment/condominium developments, municipal plants, offshore platforms and marine vessels. Each of our land-based and marine SWRO water purification systems is custom designed and engineered for consistent operation under extreme conditions in The Bahamas and Caribbean Islands. Our SWRO machines are manufactured by Watermakers, Inc. a global leader in advanced SWRO technology and recognized for superior quality and customer service since 1984. Our SWRO systems are available with Pre and Post-Filtration, UV and Ozone Disinfection, Water Softening, Anti-Scaling, Re-Mineralization and other advanced water treatment options.

SWRO water purification systems should be custom designed and precision engineered for specific water quality and environmental conditions. When PureH2O, Ltd.® SWRO systems are correctly specified, installed and maintained they will provide many years of continuous, reliable performance under extreme conditions. SWRO systems represent a significant financial investment. To ensure the effective operation and long life of your SWRO system it is important to select a qualified and reputable water technologies company to specify, install and maintain the system.

Plumbing contractors in the offshore environment seldom have the technical training and expert knowledge to analyze the operating conditions, specify correct design parameters and properly install and maintain sophisticated SWRO systems.

PureH2O, Ltd.® is the leading water technologies company in The Bahamas and Caribbean Islands. We are dedicated to complete transparency and superior customer service. Over the past 10 years our company has installed more SWRO water purification systems in The Bahamas than all of our competitors combined. Over 98% of our installed SWRO systems are in operation today.

We are pleased to provide customer references and additional information about our products and services at your request. Please contact us for quotes on our complete line of SWRO systems at 242.327.3541.