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Full-Spectrum Water Analysis Laboratory

PureH2O, Ltd.® operates the only full-spectrum microbiological and chemical water analysis laboratory in the Bahamas.

If you are using untreated water from the municipal supply or a private well you could be exposed to dangerous health risks. Untreated municipal water and well water can contain harmful contaminants including soluble iron, rust, chlorine, bacteria and other disease causing micro-organisms.

Your potable water source should be tested at least once a year. This is will provide important health safety information, and also the technical data required to install the proper water treatment system.

An effective water treatment system will remove all harmful contaminants from your water supply, and also eliminate the corrosive effects of hard water on your HVAC equipment, plumbing pipes and fixtures, dish washer, hot water heater and other appliances.

Contact us to schedule a low-cost analysis of your potable water supply and a complete written lab report.