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The large number of water treatment systems and products on the market can make it difficult to select the best RO water purification solution for your home, business or marine vessel.

In The Bahamas and Caribbean islands water treatment systems and equipment are often purchased online and installed by small plumbing contractors. However, plumbing professionals seldom have the technical training, knowledge and experience required to properly specify, install, and service complex reverse osmosis, desalination and integrated water purification systems.


Completely integrated whole-house and commercial RO water purification systems incorporate sophisticated electro-mechanical controls, sensors, membranes and high pressure vessels and pumps. The specification, installation and regular service of these systems should be performed by properly trained and qualified professionals. Major damage to modern RO systems can result from improper installation, operation and maintenance.


PureH2O, Ltd.® is the leading water technologies company in the Bahamas, with an installed base of residential and commercial RO water purification systems larger than all of our competitors combined. When you purchase an RO water purification system or water treatment products from PureH2O, Ltd.® you can be confident that you have selected the highest quality, most reliable and competitively priced systems and products available, supported by the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in our industry.

As a Bahamian-owned and operated company, PureH2O, Ltd.® has a special connection and commitment to our customers. We strive for continuous improvement and manage our business with integrity and financial transparency. Total customer satisfaction is our guiding priority.